Dragonfly Detectives


Dragonfly Detectives is an inquiry-based, afterschool science discovery program for North Carolina students grades 4-8.  Thanks to the generous support of the Burroughs-Wellcome Fund’s Student Science Enrichment Program, this program will be provided free to afterschool care centers.  The NC Museum of Natural Sciences has partnered with NC State Parks and the NC Center for Afterschool Programs to bring students from schools, community centers, or other meeting places to NC State Parks throughout the state one afternoon a week for six weeks to study dragonflies in the field.  We’ll even provide funds for transportation if you need it!


These students will be doing REAL science – the kind of science where we don’t know all the answers and will learn brand new things about our world from the information we gather together – by getting involved in a variety of citizen science projects.  Students will learn how to make hypotheses, collect data to address their hypotheses, analyze their results, and present their findings – and we’ll share it all with you here and on our Google+ page.  They will also learn about aquatic systems, animal migrations, dragonfly identification, careers in science, and other topics while doing a variety of fun, educational activities in the parks.  We’ll even send everyone home with a toolkit of gear at the end of each 6 week session so participants can continue their investigations on their own!

To learn more about the Dragonfly Detectives afterschool program, please visit our Program Overview page.  Or browse information about our Dragonfly Detectives citizen science project (developed specifically for this program!), apply for your group to take part in an upcoming session, read the latest project news on our blog, or contact us for more information.

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