Dragonfly Detectives

Spring 2016 Dragonfly Detectives at Prairie Ridge

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PR homeschool Monday spring 2016

Students busy counting dragonflies

Dragonfly Detectives spring sessions at Prairie Ridge started a few weeks ago, and with our ‘early’ spring, we’ve had plenty of dragonflies to view!  Week 2 began with the students’ first day of data collection. The day was warm and sunny, with the students recording a high temperature of 90.4 degrees F on the Kestrel and a light intensity of 1222 Lux on the light meter.  There were many dragonflies out and about and the students did an excellent job of counting and recording flight numbers!

Week 3 was especially exciting as we attempted to catch dragonflies with our insect nets, mark them, and release.

Sarah in pond

Sarah, one of our awesome and adventurous volunteers, helping the students out by attempting to flush the dragonflies so students can catch them!


blue dasher on shoulder

Caught one!  It’s a blue dasher. He marked it with a smiley face ~ can you see it?!






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