Dragonfly Detectives

Dragonfly Detectives at BugFest & More!

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2016 has been an amazing year for learning all about dragonflies!  We turned over 120 kids across the state of NC into dragonfly experts; they are knowledgeable about dragonfly life cycles, migration patterns, behaviors, are able to identify various species and analyze water quality with aquatic macroinvertebrates.

This year we had over 20 students come to BugFest to share their findings from the research portion of the program. To determine which weather factors affect dragonfly flight the most, each group of student scientists recorded weather data and simultaneously conducted timed dragonfly observation periods to determine dragonfly flight activity levels.  At the end of the program, students created a scientific poster to share their findings.  These presentations were displayed at BugFest.    This allowed the students to share their findings and show off what they’ve learned.  Students collectively spoke to over 1,000 visitors throughout the day.  Students who helped received a free BugFest t-shirt!  We are pleased to announce that next year’s BugFest theme insect is dragonflies!!


We can’t close the year out without showing some of the photos from our last summer group, the Daniels Center for Math & Science Center in Raleigh NC.  It was a sweltering hot session, but these kids worked hard and had fun through it all!!!


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